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Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen.
-Albert Einstein

Most of my postings are in my writing or photography sections. I've sort of neglected the book and movie reviews....and journal entries for that matter. But there are plenty of pictures and stories! You can also preview my completed novel "Mandala's Catalyst,"

My latest postings are as follows;

Canon 100-400L IS Error 99
(new journal entry, added Mar 8, 2007)

I have 5 Canon lenses (EF 50mm 1.8, 24-70 2.8L, 28-135 IS, 75-300 IS, 100-400L IS, 70-200 2.8L IS) and 2 bodies (1D MII, and 10D). I’ve also had other Canon equipment, an Elan, D60, and other lenses. I’ve spent over $15,000 on Canon Photography gear. In the past few years I’ve gone with their pro gear. For those of you who aren’t camera buffs, the “L” lenses are the professional line; ultra sharp, extremely durable, and way expensive.

I had minor problems with the 100-400L shortly after I purchased it. Occasionally an “error 99” would force me to turn off the camera, remove the lens, remount it, and turn the camera back on. Initially this happened rarely (once in a full day of shooting). But by the end of the year, it happened enough that I researched the problem.

A quick Google search (try it: search 100-400 error 99) showed that I was not alone in my frustration. I for more...

Mandala's Catalyst (Preview)
(new story entry, added Mar 5, 2007)

Chapter 1: The Offering

As Jasper's nose hovered above the dusty ground, he fought to silence his thoughts. Since before dawn, when he first knelt with thousands of other citizens of Gardone, he’d tried to ignore the voices in his head that claimed his life was a sham. He shook his head to silence them. His burning neck told him the sun was approaching its high point, which meant it was almost over.

To his right, his mother's nose also hovered close to the ground. He knew she was praying. His father, to his left, didn’t struggle against evil thoughts, nor did any member of the massive congregation behind him. Or so he thought. He felt alone.

He didn’t pray because repeating the sacred words made him think of the last Offering one year ago when a scream disrupted the ceremony. He hadn’t slept for weeks afterwards. And because they were forbidden to discuss it, he never had. But now his mind replayed the scene again, this time in Kalina’s voice. It was her voice for more...

World of Bigotrycraft
(new journal entry, added Feb 16, 2007)

I’ve often wondered how some people can feel so much hatred and anger for others. I’ve seen movies where former Vietnam Vets speak with extreme hostility toward Vietnamese. If they every cross with a Vietnamese person it can even result in violence. I have struggled to understand this dynamic. How can somebody hold on to so much anger?

Recently, I had an opportunity to gain some insight. I play an online game called “World of Warcraft,” commonly referred to as “WOW.” If you aren’t one of the eight million people who play this game, hold your judgment until you finish reading…I’ll give you some background.

The effects of this alternate reality of this world aren’t limited to the imagination. Marriages have been formed and dissolved, lawsuits have been filed, and in-game items have been traded and purchased using real world currency. In fact, I have spoken with a 21 year old man who works in an office in China with 40 others. They play WOW eighteen hours a day. They grind for more...

Trailer Trash?
(new journal entry, added Feb 6, 2007)

We usually think of educated people as being “trailer park proof.” It’s a harsh stereotype, but we generally seem to expect more domestic problems, violence, and crime in places of poverty. To me, it's strange how we have defined crime. There are certain types of illegal acts that we, as a society, tend to view as committed by a ‘real criminals.’ A 17 year old boy who robs a convenient store of $318 with a fake gun might be considered more of a criminal than the a bookkeeper who reroutes a few thousand dollars into a personal account. Or compare a dock worker who loads his truck with several crates of goods to a CFO who cooks the books to inflate his stock options by 2.5 million. The dock worker is more of a ‘criminal’ in our society (and according to the stereotype, more likely to have grown up in a trailer park).

How is it that white collar crime carries a lighter criminal stigma than the blue collar thug? Why is shafting thousands of people of their retirement by a well for more...

Boring Haiku
(new story entry, added Feb 2, 2007)

Passion Kills Boredom
My desires aren't sold cheap
So I'm often Bored

Like burning acid
Boredom eats my heart and soul
Stealing my spirit

Empty of Spirit
I meander through the void
the prey of cheap thrills

My soul now enslaved
Instant Gratifications
Are my ties that bind

Passion is traded
Like a hooker on main street
For thrills and disease

Focused on the stars
I can escape from the void
And reclaim my for more...